Cotton Candy Club was accidentally founded in the summer of 2016.


The Club

Actors Robert Bazzocchi and Thomas L. Colford were each cast in Family Channel's hit show Backstage, also featured around the world on Disney Channel and Netflix. Though they had technically briefly met on set the second day of shooting, they only got to talk during a cast outing to Canada's Wonderland. Thomas arrived wearing a pink t-shirt, and Robert arrived wearing a baby blue t-shirt. Desperate for small talk, Thomas noted they were wearing colours often associated with Cotton Candy. Rob, now famously, replied "Yeah... it's like we're Cotton Candy Club". Thus, do to their inability to let things go, Cotton Candy Club was born!

The Channel
In the fall of 2016, Robert and Thomas wrote, directed, produced and edited their first youtube video featuring their friend and fellow actor, Aviva Mongillo. Then on December 28, 2016, the very first Cotton Candy Club video was uploaded. Since then they have been lucky enough to work with many young artists based out of Canada, at times collaborating with a crew of 20 passionate Cotton Candy Club Members. We would be remiss if we forgot to mention Shivani Nathoo who is our Associate Producer, wearing numerous hats per episode.


Mission Statement
We are passionate about creating content we believe in, collaborating with artists who inspire us, and connecting with our growing community of Cotton Candy Club Members.



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